pelican© 2013 Michael Fiveson

I think these birds are both beautiful and bizarre. This guy sat nearby as I fished, hoping for some treat along the way. I left him some squid, and bid him a good day.


23 thoughts on “Pelican

  1. Hi Mike,
    I’ve seen ever so many of those in Port A and also, lately, at the Goose island State Park. Seeing them always reminds me of the Limerick by Dixon Lanier Merritt:
    A wonderful bird is the pelican,
    His bill will hold more than his bellican,
    He can take in his beak
    Enough food for a week
    But I’m damned if I see how the helican!
    Best regards, and have a good one up there in CO,


    • He is only missing his pipe. He must have taken a liking to me as he flew over the motorhome for 600 miles and at one point rode on the roof. I was feeding him canned sardines at that point.


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