Pa Paw’s Boys

pa paw's boys© 2013 Michael Fiveson

This big beauty was docked with it’s engine running and the captain was on board doing some paperwork in the pilot house. I did not get to talk to him but the boat was clean and the engine idled smoothly. As to the name of this trawler, that will remain a mystery.

16 thoughts on “Pa Paw’s Boys

  1. This is a beauty. I love the sound of those purring engines. I think the sound is so impressive because of the water and the proximity of the engine to the outside of the boat. There is just “something about a boat”. The sound and the vibration are part of that pilot’s DNA by now so that he is no longer aware of them, I’d bet. You grabbed a bunch of wonderful images while you were here, Mike. I love all of them.


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