Odd Collection

odd collectionĀ© 2013 Michael Fiveson

We are on the way back to Colorado from an extended stay in Texas where I had sporadic internet making me more insane than I already was. Speaking of insane, there are some strange things to be found in Texas and hopefully this photo shows what I mean.

48 thoughts on “Odd Collection

  1. Reminds me of a place on Hwy 95 out in the middle of Nevada. Dry, dusty, desert Nevada. There’s a fella out there that has big protest signs up about how he’s not allowed to sell lobsters in Nevada, and he’s got a boat very much like the one above out in front of his property. I’ve never stopped to shoot it, but maybe the next time I make the drive I’ll take time out to do so.


  2. Yes, Texas is strange. I saw a documentary yesterday that mentioned that in Texas you can buy and sell as many guns as you want but if a woman owns more than 6 vibrators she is breaking the law and could potentially face fines and jail! The doco was a DVD extra on the movie Hysteria with Maggie Gyllenhal. Very funny film. Welcome back!!!


  3. Preparing for the flood or invasion…. probably also has a bunker with tons of weapons and ammo. Looks a bit like some of our “collections” out in the boonies. I hope Colorado isn’t getting hit with this cold snap we’re having.


      • Figures. I was some kinda confused there for a bit! WP snafu, I suppose. I knew a stand-in was not your style. Chuckle… I got a kick out of your collection photo. Who is nice enough to call that a “collection”? Not me…


      • An old friend was from a tiny dirt crossroads in New Mexico called Perales. Husband worked for Texaco near there. Originally from Roswell. Drove through once on my way to Santa Fe. There were lots of goats standing on old junk cars in the yards of houses. She told me that goats love old cars. She was a junk dealer. After I saw her home community, I understood why she was fond of “collections” too! We laughed often about that. People buy new cars and simply park the old ones. I’ve known a couple of people who did exactly that.


      • I love goats and have owned a few in my time. Nubians with the long ears. I think that living with land and having the opportunity to do whatever you want with it is a great thing. Lot’s of that in Texas because it’s just so big.


      • Hi Mike,
        Thanks for that fantastic sentiment: it’s very much appreciated. šŸ™‚ And you stay well up there.
        Talking of “up there”: we had planned to visit with my wife’s cousin in Denver for Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day, but – unfortunately – due to a death in the family down here, couldn’t make it. But we’ll certainly be there some otgher time this year. We like it a lot.
        Have a wonderful weekend,


      • I love living Colorado where we have low humidity, and cool summers. Y’all are welcome in this state anytime you want to come. If you have any issues just mention my name šŸ™‚


  4. We were up in Salt Lake City January 3-5 when the temperature was 7 degrees at 5 pm. Nice to be back home where it’s 36 today, going down to around 10 tonight. And then by Wednesday we’re back in the 50’s. None of this has anything to do with you photo, I just needed to comment.


    • And you never really need a point when you talk to me, just so long as you continue to do so. I will be home on Tuesday just in time for a nice warming trend. It’s been very cold in my absence which is ok by me. It was also cold and rainy for at least half my time in Texas, but not Colorado cold. Good to hear from you amigo.


  5. Wonderful images and road trip photography here. Especially love this odd collection indeed. Thank you for visiting our blog and inspiring us to keep taking pictures and blogging about our travels both near and far.


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