29 thoughts on “Rude Awakening

  1. Tee, hee. Pelicans in your region are very different in colouring to ours. Aussie ones are much whiter. I saw a pair flying over the beach yesterday, funnily enough. They are always about but less often glimpsed in tourist season, here.


  2. Pelicans are my favorites! Maybe because they’re such “big-mouthed” birds? This is a clever take on the bird world. I like the egrets too. The snowy egrets are such elegant birds with funny hairdos! I guess they remind me of my own chicken hair bedhead do! You’re finding some really wonderful photos along the coast. You’d think I’d drive to the bay since Pt. Lavaca is only about 40 miles or less from here. We always drove down to Seadrift for dinner when Dean was here. Barkett’s is a great seafood restaurant.


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