35 thoughts on “Old Texas Home

  1. Another wonderful find Mike. This is the architectural version of a sigh. It just feels like this high is giving a sigh of exhaustion. I just want to go up and hug it. Sounds weird. Oh well. Happy New Year.


  2. Mike, Wanted to stop by to “Hey” and Happy New Year. For me personally I am glad 2012 is done and in the history books. I have added new stories to my being and also have a few new scars but I will say I did have a lot of old wounds healed. Only way to have a scar, and with it a story, is to tended to those wounds of the past. It freaking sucked at times but I highly recommend it.
    We had Mom’s Memorial Service Saturday and I am now trying to get back into my life’s erratic, syncopated rhythm and see what 2013 holds. And catching up on my blog Community as well. Till the next time Mike.
    Peace to you my friend, John.


    • So sorry about your mother Jagged.
      So far as scars are concerned…..I have many, both inside and out. That which doesn’t kill me…
      I am happy that you begin the new year on an upbeat and you know I think of you as a very trusted friend. Give them hell, but take in the sights along the way.
      Peace out.


  3. I love the colors here Mike, the blue sky, the green of the tile roof, and that awesome rust on the porch’s tin roof. Your photographs are so much fun to explore around in, and there’s lots to see in this one! Happy New Year Mike!! 😀


    • Yo, Alex. Thanks. What I have discovered down here is a whole lot of nothing. When we go exploring there are few towns and few structures. Wide open with lots of nothing. That isn’t a bad thing, unless one is looking for images. I was lucky to come across this one and I’m glad you like it. Happy New Year! 🙂


  4. Are you sure this isn’t a chicken house? 🙂 …and, no, not the Texas Chicken Ranch. It’s a wonderful photograph. Your colors are so rich and deep now, Mike. Whatever PP you’re doing is working really well although I can see that you aren’t doing a whole lot of editing … the real test of a good photographer in my opinion. I was thinking about the photo of the trawler on my way back from my morning (afternoon?) coffee run to Mickey D’s just now. A few photos stick in my head. That is one of them. Actually, several of yours are among the ones I can still see in my old brain. The trawler is the best photo of one I’ve ever seen … even in the Texas state photos advertising the coast. I have to go back to the time when you really began to show images here. I think you’ve developed a remarkable confidence or command of your style as a photographer that is somehow unique to you. You’re among the best that I see now. 🙂

    Yep, Texas is mostly a whole lotta’ nuthin’ …for miles and miles. Drive down #59 toward the Valley. Good Grief. Lots of brushy King Ranch with nothing on it. The Hill Country is pretty. You might drive up there and hook up with Alex for a tour. Wonderful photo ops there.

    I am thinking of driving down to Rockport for lunch with you guys one day. I’ll let you know if the whim strikes… Hey, I have a link for interesting photos of mummification developed by the early Mesoamerican cultures that we’re reading about in “1491”. I am astounded at the extent of early American culture and empire. The recent discoveries are mind-boggling. One day, the history of the vanquished peoples will no longer be suppressed and will assume their rightful place among the great societies on earth.


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