36 thoughts on “Shrimper

  1. I love these trawlers, they SO remind me of home and my childhood. Great shot Mike. And I see you’re having some nice blue skies down in Rockport. What are the temps like? Here in San Antonio we’re getting cold temps and overcast skies.


  2. Hi Mike,
    Looks like we got the same boat. Well, not quite the same. But at first glance I really thought you and I [http://pitsbilderbuch.wordpress.com/2012/12/30/abendstimmung-3/] had come across the same shrimper in Rockport/Fulton.
    So, you’re being a “winter Texan” down there? Enjoy! As to the weather: here, about 90 miles further north, the last few nights have been fairly cold – down to 32. And days are not too warm either, like with you, around 50. So we usually have a nice fire going in the fireplace in the living-room.
    I wish you a Happy New Year,


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