Pink Bait Shop

pink bait shop                                                     © 2012 Michael Fiveson

My bait shop would have been green. Perhaps pink paint was on sale.


29 thoughts on “Pink Bait Shop

  1. I’ve never figured out why people paint buildings pink. In Hawaii, the biggest military hospital (Tripler) sits quite “pinkly” on the side of a prominent mountain. Me, I’m just getting around to wearing pink. I’d go to your bait shop in a green building.


  2. Very interesting…..back in the 50’s there was a popular color called “salmon” which was a little darker, maybe age caused the color to turn more “pink” after time….you are correct in the color green or even a shade of brown….salmon or pink is not my choice either…..


    • Yes, I remember those colors back in the 50’s and 60’s. Perhaps the bait shop owner wanted to pay homage to those dealing with an illness, like breast cancer.


  3. I like pink. There is a warmth to it that I can appreciate in the winter months. I like bait shops (but don’t need ’em since we have plenty of worms in our compost pile). Seems all okay to me. 🙂


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