35 thoughts on “Sea Birds Resting

  1. Very nice, Mike…a different photo from you. I enjoyed it. I’m not sure which traditions you celebrate, if any, but I hope you’ve had a nice winter season thus far. Thank you for being here, dear friend.


    • I’m not sure which traditions I follow either Scott. As time goes on they all seem less significant. Now groundhog day, that remains big for me!
      Yeah, a different kind of photo, but I am collecting some images of rotting things so I can get back on track.
      Thanks for this message Scott, you know I appreciate your genuine friendship.


      • I could have sworn that I responded to this yesterday, Mike…even remember the words I used…hmm. At any rate, I’m on the same page with the diminishing significance of the traditions…until you mentioned the ground-hog day thing…I’ll have to rethink that one.

        I will look forward to the images of rotting things…rather enjoy those, too.

        You’re welcome, dear Mike….


      • Well you did respond to this yesterday, and I read it and responded to your response, I think. I haven’t deleted anything, but I will tell you that I am in a lovely RV park in south Texas with a VERY weak internet signal. I have all I can do to set up a post. And WordPress has been squirrely as well.


      • Well how strange is that…? How nice for you that you are out of the snow and in a warmer place for a bit…I think you’re not too far from our Disperser friend, Emilio, and he was talking about snow the other day…so I’m sure you’re enjoying the warmth for a while in the lovely RV park…. Be safe in your travels and have a wonderful time….


      • Emilio lives close to Colorado Springs which is 125 miles from where I live in Greeley. Yes, it is cold and very much winter like in Colorado and I am happy to be out of it for a bit.


      • Yep…Monument or Castle Rock, if I’m not mistaken…used to drive past there every now and then…quite a few years ago….

        Will be in touch…have a nice New Year…..


      • Castle Rock is between Denver and Colo Springs. He works, and may live in Woodland Park which is a great town above Colorado Springs.
        Happy New Year. Peace out Scott.


  2. Mike, how do you know these birds spent their day playing. I know the day after Christmas I had to work. Maybe they did, too. You shouldn’t assume. And sometimes playing is hard work. Did you at least stick around for the sunset? It must have been beautiful, too. 🙂


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