In Formation

formation                                                  © 2012 Michael Fiveson

As this large group of birds flew close to the current by the seaside, they would peel off one at a time doing what appeared to be a rehearsed and synchronized air ballet. It was quite remarkable to observe and I am certain it was joyous and playful for them.

34 thoughts on “In Formation

  1. I think we only get the Canadian honkers out here… I love to watch them flying overhead and hearing their honks. Great shot Mike! and wishing you and yours a pleasantly warm holiday.


  2. Beautiful shot Mike! Far too much fog and rain here at the moment. Getting webbed feet. If I could grow a few feathers I’d join them and ‘flock-off’ south into the blue!


    • What a sweet and well received comment Bonnie. You I would drink a beer with, but short of that I will toast you and wish for you merriment and fair tidings. Or something a lot like that.


  3. There you go again, assuming they’re at play. I have it on good authority that the aerial ballet you witnessed is not a genetic manifestation. It is well rehearsed and a lot of hard work goes into making it look so effortless. Please apologize. Not to me but to them! I can’t dance worth a ….


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