GMC Truck

GMC                                                     © 2012 Michael Fiveson

Rusty, with parts missing, this beauty sits like a retired prize fighter …proud, proven, and still talked about. Undefeated and truly a classic, its patina alone is worthy of discussion.

44 thoughts on “GMC Truck

  1. As with a lot of retired fighters, the smile is a little lopsided in old age but as you say, a real classic. You just don’t seem to see breaker’s yards like this in the UK anymore. My dad was always fixing up old cars, it was all we had and as a boy, a trip to the breaker’s yard to find some part or other was such an adventure. I had a really nice collection of enamel badges from various makes that the owner of the yard would let me have. I haven’t thought about that for years. Thanks for bringing that back Mike. 🙂


    • Thanks Chill. In the states we don’t call them breaker’s yards but I love that expression as I do so many of your ‘English’ words. And your take on this old fighter’s face is great! Always nice to hear from you and thanks.


  2. I came over from Blissful Adventurer’s sight (Michael) He said you were an awesome blog and I thought I would come by and check it out. He was right you have some great pictures here. 🙂


  3. Mike-
    Nice shot, as always. Will you ever run out of old cars and old structures to photograph? Let’s hope not, though I’d love to see what you do with something shiny and brand new. Or maybe a portrait of someone.


    • I was once a portrait photographer….I can handle it, but I prefer prettier things than people. I am currently in south Texas for the next month so I’ll be hunting for boats, and old things Texas. That does not mean I would pass up a real pretty girl, or a textured man for a good portrait.
      Always good to hear from you Paul and thanks.


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