Grain Alley

grain alley                                                       © 2012 Michael Fiveson

The side of an old grain elevator is dark and a bit mysterious as well. Note the chute laying on the ground, seemingly abandoned. I won’t be visiting this place at night.

14 thoughts on “Grain Alley

  1. I knew from the title that this would be a great shot. I am NOT disappointed. I love this. The composition is really nice. I love the sense of mystery here. This looks like a cool place to visit day or night. I think what makes this place look a little forbidding is the the row of small windows/Vents? I think because of them this feels like an abandoned prison camp.


    • Interestingly both comments so far mention the foreboding windows. And you are right, they are nasty looking as is that dark alley. One wonders what is at the end of that alley, lurking to the right and just out of view. Your generous and thoughtful comment is greatly appreciated Terry.


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