37 thoughts on “Stump Door

    • This is something I found this Spring but looking at it closely (as you do) I do see some sort of crude wiring but I don’t think that hole is a dryer vent as it is too high up and I doubt dryers were part of the scene when this place was built. But honestly, I don’t know.


      • Of course I have to look at your work closely, there’s often mysteries to be solved. 🙂 And what of the little sign above the door? It looks like it, at one time, said something ending in ‘Lives Here’. Maybe ‘Farmer Lives Here’? Hard to tell….


      • I can only make out the “lives here” part so the rest could have said anything including ‘the devil lives here.’
        And I thought that was the vent in question but now I see there is a low vent and yes that does look like a dyer vent. wtf.


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  2. Traveling through rural North Carolina I see a lot of door stumping. Personally, I’ve never come across a stump salesperson, but it appears they’re good at what they do. Great shot.


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