Sleepy Pumpkin

sleepy pumpkin                                                  © 2012 Michael Fiveson

When it’s 20 degrees (F) outside why not find a ray of sunshine inside, thought my clever Pumpkin. She went back to sleep as soon as I was done. Silly daddy!

57 thoughts on “Sleepy Pumpkin

  1. smart pumpkin. silly daddy. i just bought cleo a doggy parka online. she shivers, no hair, poor baby. should have it tomorrow, could be photo worthy.


      • Yes, thank you. about 3 days after she had her wart stitches removed Banjo was playing too hard with her and took a chunk out of her back! Bloody mess, had to rush her for stitches in her back. She is such a good little patient, never bothered them. She was so sleek when I got her, now very ‘shabby chic’, but happy.


      • If your vet is like mine, it all gets quite expensive. Pumpkin had a cyst a few months ago that got infected, got REAL big overnight (before I knew it was a cyst, boy was I freaked) We had an appointment to take her to the vet the next morning to have this mass looked at and when we woke up it had popped and was all bloody, but no longer a big mass. Turns out it was an infected sebaceous cyst and anti biotics and some time and soaking has taken care of it. Worth every dime, but if she would have had to have it removed, that would have been big dollars, for me.


      • That sounds familiar, Banjo had that too, left a big pit which I put Manuka Honey on and it healed it right up. A fantastic remedy, that particular honey for wound healing and drawing fluid out of a cyst type thing. My vet is pretty reasonable all things considered. Glad that was just a gross fatty cyst that Pumpkin had. We like those!


      • After I’d left that comment I realised it’s probably a very British expression, a ‘bobby dazzler’ (as opposed to a ‘bloody dazzler’). I looked it up on the Urban Dictionary, which had this to say about it: “Quaint coloquial term from northern England pertaining to someone very special indeed, either through good looks or by simply wearing something fancy.”


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