Schank Seed Company

schank seed© 2012 Michael Fiveson

A seed company that once was open and thriving has now gone to seed. In addition to the ‘Americana’ feel to this, I am struck by two things. First there is the curious spacing on the painted lettering. It appears they created space to allow the door full exposure, without the possibility of distraction from letters. But more striking are the white stains behind the windows which to my eye creates a very real ghost like effect. Scary as hell, me thinks.

24 thoughts on “Schank Seed Company

  1. This is a simple shot, but there sure is a lot going on. In addition to the lettering and the “ghosts” there’s the light blue door, the shiny metal letter slot, the steps, the texture of the white stucco building. Also – why do you think there aren’t any stains on the center window on each side?


    • The center window on the right side has some staining just starting. Don’t know why so little there, but I’m happy you see a lot going on as I do as well and that is always validating so thank you.


  2. Great and interesting photo. Do you think that maybe there was a logo or something in the middle between the lettering over the door? ….The stuff going on in the windows is a mystery *scary music playing*


  3. Every time I see a posting of yours I want to go out with my camera and find buildings like you do, old rusting cars, the detritus of a bygone age. Do you realize how much of an influence you have over me? So I must ask you a favor. Please stop posting so much, I can’t afford the gas and I’m polluting. Both your fault!


    • I wish we lived closer so we could do some shooting and laughing. I may post less as time goes by, as it is a challenge to find images that I think are interesting, especially in the winter.
      Nice comment Paul. Thank you.


  4. The spacing on the letters does look odd.

    The staining on the windows looks like more like your garden variety of a very dirty window, especially on the inside. But, you never know with old places. 🙂


  5. Lots going on in this photo. I like the ghostly white stains in the windows. I wonder if the space between the words held some sort of image or clock or something. Probably not an image or you’d see the ghost of that, too.


  6. Here’s my guess: the letter-writer/painter had to climb up the walls.. and the stairs were a barrier..thus the gaping space 😉 indeed..there’s a ghostly effect in dem windows! I’ll send you a few pix of my REMNANTS series one day, I think you’ll enjoy ’em.


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