47 thoughts on “December Sky

    • It is like that all year round. This is a semi arid climate and we have had a drought for some time. Very dry here with a raging fire in the mountains, 50 miles to the west.


    • Jess, upstate NY is so beautiful. Even though I grew up in New York, I didn’t get to experience as much upstate as I would have liked. You are lucky to be there.


  1. I find it amazing that some people see the clouds, some the sky, some the barren and sleeping landscape, and yet others see it all. And do you know what? That’s cool because we all are different and when we comment you see the sky, or the clouds and or the landscape but it makes the whole picture on this corner of your life’s canvas.
    Like cool water Bro, very nice!


  2. While I love old buildings and old cars and even scraggly burros for all the interesting textures and weathered colors, this is my favourite of your pictures which I’ve had the pleasure to view so far. The golds, blues, old fence, and the sweep of the clouds I just love. It’s beautiful!!


      • You know when I first started taking pictures someone told me that the first rule is ‘be there’…and that is so true! Some things are just a gift really. Even Ansel Adams said “Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.” And, I believe that.


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