36 thoughts on “Colorado Llamas

    • One of them told me if I came any closer they would all spit on me. No, they were in a field and I had only 1 lens with me.
      You do get around Kat. You also lived in NY for a few weeks? Without me? (I grew up there)


      • Well who knew? I thought you were a country boy. Yes, I have been very lucky and travelled a lot. I spent 2 months in Tempe AZ straight after my 2 months in NYC. Strangely I found people in New York friendlier (and saner) than the pepes in AZ, but what a glorious state for history and landscapes!


      • If you get a chance read a story of mine (under memoirs) called jesus and the $20 bill. That will tell you where, and how, I came from.
        Yes, there is a certain honesty and zest that city folks have.


  1. You’ve captured a very pretty and peaceful scene. I like to see four-legged creatures laying down and taking a breather every now and then.


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