© 2012 Michael Fiveson

A 1939 DeSoto is slowly picked apart but retains both style and form. Living in a local junkyard it has been marked ‘save’ and is temporarily pardoned from the crusher. Note the sexy split rear windows and incredible reddish tone on this beauty.

37 thoughts on “DeSoto

    • Saved forever. Such is the lure of photography. To freeze and preserve that which remains largely undetected, and in many cases is only there for a moment.
      Thanks Terry and happy thanksgiving.


  1. I think the car has incredibly sexy lines. My husband loves junkyards but I have no desire to trail along. He is usually patient but sometimes not when I am engrossed in photo taking whenever we go someplace (other than junkyards). It would just seem like a win-win situation if I took my camera to the junkyard with him. Thanks for the inspiration.


    • That is a good question. Seems to me that people would love a retro update on a beauty like this. Since it was your idea, but my post inspired the question, we’ll split the profit after Chevy takes their cut. That would leave us about $11 each.
      Have a good day Paul.


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