38 thoughts on “Grills

  1. I saw the title before the picture and thought you had taken pictures of Barb-Q! This is just as good man!
    Love the rust and how it just adds visual flavor to the old trucks.


  2. I LOVE this shot. I see it as an album cover, don’t you? Or should I say CD cover. Just not the same, but I hear vinyl is making a comeback!!


    • My son is very involved in the music business and has his own label. He tells me that vinyl is indeed making a comeback because the sound is pure with a quality that is highly desired. u be wise, e.


      • Whoa, your son gets some of his talent from you, I see. I like the thought behind his label, and think the website is gorgeous….I see some familiar striking photographs. You must be both proud and amazed. I’m going to return to listen to some tunes when I’m sitting still. I’m heading off to our zoo of an airport to pick up my son for the break. Can’t wait!!


      • ‘Proud and amazed’ is just what I am. He is much greater than the sum of his parts and his talents are ever growing. Thanks for taking the time to look and comment. He will be up here for Thanksgiving next week and is bringing his girlfriend. It will be great fun. He is my best friend.


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