Putty Nosed Pumpkin

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

In addition to Pumpkin’s putty colored nose, she has a tongue that sometimes does not fit in her mouth. This, of course, happens after she has exerted herself and is panting. We walk 1.1 mile(s) to a neighborhood park that does not allow dogs. That being the case, when we do go in we don’t have to worry about other dogs. Call me contrary.  In truth there are no other people either.  Today I counted how many times she pees on this walk and it was 6. No, she is not diabetic, just busy marking her turf. Silly putty nosed Pumpkin.


54 thoughts on “Putty Nosed Pumpkin

    • My pumpy is doing really well for an 8 yr old pup. You are right, when it’s time to mark they become intense in their work. It cracks me up, which is the only reason I would talk about her pee pee 🙂
      By the way, really good to have you back again.


  1. That look on Pumpkin’s face is just tooooo much! I also like the way you think, you contrary thing you. Going to a no dog park with the dog. Indeed! Why hadn’t I thought of that?


    • I am somewhat of bad boy Angeline. Don’t tell anyone. Pumpkin is astoundingly sweet and that face is but a reflection of that. She gives and gets and she is so easy to love. Thanks!


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