Daddy’s Caddy

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

Another beauty laying low in the junkyard. Many of us no doubt did have a father who drove a Cadillac. My father drove an Olds, but then he used to sell them and always drove something brand new. Before that he sold Fords for a bit and drove an Edsel for a time. Man that was one ugly car, but not this Caddy, which ruled the day, and lit up the night.

31 thoughts on “Daddy’s Caddy

    • Buy American flew out the day when our cars became second rate. The good news is that isn’t so true anymore and I would buy a Chevy now that I can no longer afford one. Thanks Paul.


  1. Growing up we were poor so pops bought what he could. One of those vehicles was a 1960 something Plymouth Valiant station wagon with a push button automatic! Very cool for a six year old I can tell you that. Not a Cadillac but we got to where we needed to be.
    By the way great pic man and rust in the color teal is pretty cool too!


    • We were poor too and I didn’t grow up with my father, who would pick us up on weekends. I did go live with him when I was 12 and then we ate at regular intervals. Such an interesting life, my jagged brother. Thanks as always for the comment.


  2. While on vacation in the US with a friend I wanted to rent a Cadillac just for the heck of it. And because even though I would love to have one of those nice old ones, I know I probably never will. Though my friend refused and told me she wouldn’t know me if I’d come with a car like that.


  3. My father was always carting the five of us around behind the wheel of the family station wagon, but I’m certain that his “other” car was a caddy. This one is a beauty.


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