25 thoughts on “Grain Elevator

    • My pictures tend to have a familiar feel as many are alike and some are in the same location, different angle, etc. So you don’t like the way I look?
      Hurtful, Paul.


      • I didn’t mean to be hurtful, Mike. I do like the way you look. I just wouldn’t necessarily call you beautiful. Manly, yes! Oh, and I am posting a truck for you on Monday. To show my appreciation of your rugged good looks!


      • It may be Paul that we have a similar look, and you know that I am just man enough to absorb the hurt 🙂
        I’ll look forward to your post.


  1. Last summer I was going to meet my son i Wall, SD and decided to take Hwy 12 west from Minneapolis, MN. One of my goals was to shoot some elevators along the way. Every small town had one sitting beside the RR track in about the same condition as the one in your photograph. I wonder how much longer they will be standing.

    Nice shot.


  2. I was struck by this lovely photo……….it reminded me of Bernd and Hilla Becher’s work. They photographed industrial buildings in a similar way. Industrial archeology is an important and very worthwhile area of study and you seem Mike, to have plenty such buildings around you. Perhaps they would make an interesting book?


    • That is a really nice comment John and coming from one as gifted as yourself makes it all the more appreciated.
      I am waiting for some literary giant to see my work and send me a fat check. I guess the other choice would be to self publish and then give the books away as gifts to the few people who might want one.
      Maybe I’ll get motivated and get going on something in one direction or another. Thanks my friend.


      • You are always very welcome Mike, and I’m sure that a self published book would be very attractive to your many followers……they have taste….and you have some great material. Start with a modest book 10 sheets, 20 pages…. 40 photos…….you never know…


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