Pumpkin’s Birthday Portrait

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

Even though she won’t be 8 until Halloween, this was an image I could not pass up. I call this Gold on Gold, and think the leaves work well with my beautiful girl’s coat. Those of you who look at my work know how much Pumpkin means to me, and how much joy she brings to everyone she meets. Pure love, golden and forever.


73 thoughts on “Pumpkin’s Birthday Portrait

  1. I just want to jump in the photo and put my arms around Pumpkin’s neck and give her a hug.
    I sorely miss having a dog….thanks for the virtual visits with Ms. Pumpkin.
    You having a birthday party for her? We always had parties for our dogs, and sang happy birthday to them in dog (woof woof woof woof, woof woof) 🙂


    • We will tell her happy birthday and hug her and maybe give a special chewey or toy, but she told us years ago to behave like every day is her birthday, and so we do.
      Thanks Angeline.


    • Melts it and lives in it. I get caught up in knowing that she is getting older, and I let myself go to a dark place. It won’t be pretty, and I will break into pieces. Then I will gradually get better, but will never be the same.


  2. Pumpkin, you’re still a spring chicken. And you look lovely against the gold in the leaves. Your Pops did good with your picture and you did good to pose so nicely for him. You guys are some kinda pair! Happy Birthday, Girl! Take care of your Pops! 🙂


  3. Mike… Pumpkin is absolutely gorgeous! From one Golden owner – that somehow doesn’t seem like the right term to use – to another, congrats on a beautiful girl.


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