Double Door

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

Shadows lurk about an interesting building which seems to be in need of repair. The double door appears to be a facade with only one door that opens from the outside. Perhaps the other is an exit which opens from the inside. The doors do suggest a finer past and I suspect this was once an office building.

15 thoughts on “Double Door

  1. I want to live where you live. Or at least visit. I find I’m always looking forward to your next post. This photo seems like it could have worked well as b & w as there is very little color. What makes you decide which way to go?


    • I almost always look at it in b$w as well and decide which I like better. In this case it was just a bit flat as b&w. You are always welcome to visit Paul, and I would enjoy your intelligent company.


  2. At first I thought the doors looked new compared to the rest of the building, until I spotted what appears to be rust at the bottom. And the windows are so different. Very cool, very interesting shot. The doors draw you in, but there’s a lot more going on. Wonderful. 🙂


  3. It is an odd contraption, perhaps a shed or shop with the french doors installed because that’s what was available at the time. Looking at it more closely, I do not think it is an opening door. The astragal keeps it from opening in a normal manner, no hinges showing anywhere to open outward and I suspect there are stops on the inside to keep the door in place. Metal doors in that style aren’t all that old, well, that is to say, neither am I. Very nice photograph pleasing to the eye, challenging to the mind.


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