Chicken Coop

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

This sturdy looking building was once a chicken coop where some lucky chickens enjoyed windows, shelter, and safety from whatever kind of critters wanted to eat them .


39 thoughts on “Chicken Coop

  1. Great photo of the hen house. Is that the holding tank on the left? Yeah, I would have a hard time with poop from the coop…I’ve become citified (not to be confused with certified) and like my huevos rancheros from out of a carton from Safeway.


  2. Critters? Are we considered critter? I ask because I love fresh eggs, fried and grilled chicken and pictures of out chicken coops! Nice shot man!


    • Yes I guess to chickens who get plucked and eaten we would be perhaps their biggest threat. And now you have made me hungry with that food talk. I loves me some deep fried chicken but don’t get to have it often.
      And thanks Jagged.


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