Fall Barn

A handsome barn found in the country up in Northern Colorado…There is a corn crop ready for harvest and this barn looks to be set up to unload a crop by way of chute, much like a silo would.fall barnA closer look at the intriguing and possibly unusual set up for loading tractors or trucks.

fall barn 2

I will never tire of the simple beauty of barns and the life of a hard working farmer.

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

54 thoughts on “Fall Barn

  1. That is a really beautiful barn. Stark in that it’s just the barn. What strikes me is the lack of vegetation around it. Out my way, it would be surrounded by grasses, vines, etc.


  2. Gorgeous old red barn, a fantastic photographer with an itchy shutter finger — how you gonna beat a deal like that! I’m thrilled we’re following each other now, Mike. Who’s turn to lead? *g*
    Thanks again for the compliments on my “abandoned house” shots. Makes me feel gr8888!




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