44 thoughts on “Inside and Out

  1. Similar yet contrasting. Similar vertical thin structures with dappled light filtering through yet contrasting man-made versus natural, flat planks versus round trees, 2-d versus 3-d, one keeping things out while the other inviting you in. A wonderful pairing of images; I really like it.


  2. These photographs would make a very interesting diptych. What a great photo essay! I like the barn one very much … first time I’ve seen light captured in such an effective full-frame display. Your perception, sensitivity, photography skills and articulate voice produce some startling statements rather often! πŸ™‚


    • Gosh George, thanks. I like that they married well. When I woke up and looked to create a post, this just kind of fell together. The barn is my best friend’s barn in Michigan. He has a summer cottage on the beach and a nice home with some acreage and woods. Me, I got your lovely comment to keep me warm as the winter descends. Thank you.


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