Well Past Bizarre

This is the story of what I found a few days ago when I went into my basement to look for something located close to where I store my paint cans and buckets. This is what I saw…Now what in the hell is that I wondered and upon closer examination saw this….

Apparently a can without a cap had some leakage and morphed into an alien from outer space, or at least looks like what I always thought they might look like. You can still see the spray nozzle that was consumed to create bone and structure…

Note the oblong cranium which is a sure sign of an advanced being with superior intellect..

This head is as hard as a….head, and must have formed some time ago. Note the brain which is partially outside the skull. So far it has not chosen to communicate with me, even though I find myself sending it messages….including “please don’t hurt me.”

WHY ME! WHY ME! (should I sell it on ebay?)

Β© 2012 Michael Fiveson

62 thoughts on “Well Past Bizarre

      • I think it came to you for a reason, because you’re a believer…

        Yes!! I think it’s very bizarre!! It looks too much like the image of an alien. I would have run from the basement holding my head screaming at the top of my lungs. Can I be your agent?


      • You are hereby officially and publicly named as my agent. One possibility is that I bring this paint can on tour and do a ventriloquist act, with me being the dummy.


      • Please keep me informed as to what you have lined up. My initial thoughts are some speaking engagements where my little friend talks and I listen along with everyone else. Will the military seize it? Book us at Barns and Noble and I’ll throw together a quick book about lunacy. By the way, you will get 50% of the take so get busy girl.


  1. Yes, this is just begging for ebay! LOL. What a terrific “thing”. Open to all sorts of interpretation. I see a news story covering this a proof that aliens exist and they’re trying to communicate with us. Hahahaha.


  2. If you are going to make money of this, Mike, you have to say that it was an intentional work of art. It took 9 months of daily little squirts to form this is the exact way to envisioned it. We promise not to tell on you if you split the profits. Thanks for the lol post.


  3. “A lovely portrait from someone who may need to get out more. xoxo”


    Admittedly when the image came up and before I had scrolled down it looked like a head to me too. Pretty cool.


      • You’re breaking my heart…. 😦

        In the spirit of good-will, though, I’ll book the SLC Convention Center for you if you want to swing-by on your way to…wherever your fame takes you…. πŸ˜‰


      • Someone got rich with the pet rock, why can’t I parlay my alien into something big, even if I have to appear nuts in the process. I might be in need of security and that could be where you come in, keeping both the alien and myself safe. Give it some thought, might be great fun.


  4. LOL! Yes, it looks like something that could fetch big bucks on eBay. Very bizarre. From one angle, it reminds me of Homer Simpson. Or an alien version of Homer.


    • Well, since I already have the photos, it would be real easy to post this on ebay and I might just do this as much for comical relief as anything. What would I call it? Alien in a can? Take me to your leader.


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