Michigan Barn

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

Darn, another barn. I am admittedly obsessed and I think I know why. They represent a simple life comprised of hard work and simple rewards. They are beautiful and each one uniquely elegant. And, growing up in New York City, this kind of beauty was foreign to me.

31 thoughts on “Michigan Barn

  1. I enjoy your barn pictures, so keep them coming please. You know, I’ve wondered why I am attracted to old barns, and maybe your explanation is the answer: “They represent a simple life comprised of hard work and simple rewards.” In addition, Mike, old barns offer interesting textures and shapes.


  2. I too love barns. Here in Quebec’s eastern township area they are known for their red barns. I have painted a few. Thinking I will post them soon. Thanks for your barns Mike. They are allowed to age gracefully without being condemned and I think that is what I appreciate about them. The older I get the more I appreciate stuff like that 😀 big smile here!


  3. Who doesnt love Brans, whats not to love. I love the comment above about them ageing gracefully, that was nice. But to tell ya true, I kinda liked da discussion about ‘who-a’ s


  4. I keep reading that barns are disappearing, along with the sense of community they provide. Your obsession will provide a wonderful picture book of an American icon. 🙂


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