© 2012 Michael Fiveson

Pastels and rust. A palette created by time and the elements. Beauty in a junkyard.


43 thoughts on “Dodge

  1. Great photo for I love shots like this…There is a place a few miles away from me that has old vehicles just sitting by the roadside wasting away…Sad that several do not see the beauty in the older cars from back in the day when life was good…hard but good!!! Bev B


  2. Funny how this shot brings out the poetry in people. I love your “beauty in a junkyard” line. Guess I’m going to have to start hanging out there. At the junkyard I imagine I’ll get into a lot less trouble!


    • I find that I am real comfortable in the local junkyard. Not sure why….could be the trailer trash in me….could be I like the quiet historical solitude…..might even be that I find it oddly spiritual. And there are all those images!


  3. Junk Yard? Shoot that looks like my front yard…well minus the bullet hole! Another great shot Mike. By the way thanks for stopping by my place from time to time. I appreciate. Peace.


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