27 thoughts on “Barred

  1. The building reminds me of the Indian Jewelry shops here in the Southwest…many small towns have very similar style buildings…they usually contain the work shop in the back…very nice photo….


  2. A few days ago I saw a fancy lock on a steering wheel inside an old beater…this kind of reminds me of that. Who would steal a car that doesn’t look like it would go far and who would break in here?


  3. I like the idea of Uncle Cletis inside. One question that maybe no one else is interested in. But whenever I shoot or convert to b & w it lacks the impact of yours. I’ll up the contrast or try daguerrotype or any trick I can think of and still I’m disappointed. What do you do? Filters? Film?


    • Just a duplicate file made in photoshop and I go greyscale and play with exposure and contrast. Sometimes it works better than other times. Kind of hit and miss and all digital files although back in the day I owned a custom B&W lab and made probably a million prints by hand. Nice hearing from you Paul.


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