Abandoned Home

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

In the middle of a bean field sits an old beautiful home. Now abandoned and in rapid decline, this home speaks of generations past and the lives that have moved on. If you can make this image large, look in the bottom front window, right pane.


57 thoughts on “Abandoned Home

  1. Interesting . . . I was wondering about the comment “brick home”. It looks like a thin brick facade, not actual brick, which I would imagine would last much, much longer. Almost looks like thick wallpaper with a brick design. The interesting thing is that’s siding underneath.

    As for the pane . . . another case of pareidolia? Or am I missing something?


    • Ok, it’s not a brick home. And yes, I probably do have pareidolia because I am always seeing things. Apparently the people in my comment thread who also see it have the same thing. You mean that’s not a man on the moon?


      • That’s a scarecrow on the moon.

        On the glass, it looks like what Groucho Marx . . . if Groucho Marx had gone rouge and turned into a demented ax-wielding murderer.

        Or a bunny; it’s hard to tell. No, I’m going with Groucho.


  2. amazing what light refraction mixed with reflecton of the tree close to it will produce when photographed on the correct angle…..demented alien creature is what came to mind when I looked at the enlarged photo…another nice old home, rich with history if only the walls could talk.


  3. Ha! I can’t tell you how many times I enlarged that image before I figured it out. Nice work. The first question that popped into my head, though, was did you go in??? My dad used to drive us around in the country and if we came upon an abandoned structure, let us go in and roam around. Crazy! It was fun, though, to make up the story about who lived there and what happened to make them leave. Too bad someone doesn’t restore that one. She looks like she was quite lovely in her day!!


    • Hi Lisa. I did not go in for 2 reasons. First I was carefully walking through some farmer’s bean field and did not think that lingering was a great idea and I also was scared of that house. I got fairly close, and that was close enough!


  4. It’s fairly decent of the entities to live in an abandoned house in stead of sharing their afterlife in inhabited homes.

    And very smart of you to stay at a safe distance. They might like you so much that they would accompany you and move on.


    • It doesn’t take too long for the wood to be so rotten as to be beyond a cost effective repair. Factor in old electric, plumbing, etc and it becomes cost prohibitive.
      But the idea of who lived in these places and what was life like is intriguing for sure. Thank you.


  5. I didn’t see the three faces in the pane at first, only the old man in the dark underneath them, but I see them now that I’ve looked again, how very unobservant I am. Nice shot, but what a shame to have to abandon that house, it makes me wonder what happened to the inhabitants.


    • My best guess is they got old and couldn’t maintain the house. My second best guess is they built another home on the same property somewhere (large farm) and lived happily ever after. Hi Lorna.


    • Yes, it is fake brick and it is interesting that it was done that way. Probably took away some of the maintenance required on the wood siding. Kind of like aluminum siding in that regard.


  6. Mike, whenever I see one of these old homes I like to think about what the family must have felt that first day when it was finally finished. Wonder if there are any still around who lived there or visited.


    • That is a real good question and worth pondering. There might also be some real pain for a family who might still be in the area but lost a home such as this.


  7. Mike, thanks for liking my post History on the Wall Life in My Pocket. The house in that post also spoke to the people who occupied it during the season. Structures and places are imbued with the life or lives that participated there. Maybe they are far from abandoned in that way.


    • I think you are exactly right and I always feel some presence when I shoot those homes. And, I see images in windows that others don’t see. Hmmm. Perhaps I am spirit friendly.


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