© 2012 Michael Fiveson

I meet you here, in another world, and we touch without touching. There are few words exchanged and I never know when these moments will occur. These random connections are all that remain, and I am often left confused and hurt. Living in a world without you, I settle for a dreamscape where everything is subject to interpretation and chance.

48 thoughts on “Dreamscape

  1. I thought of you as I was driving down Highway 36, the old Pony Express Route, through Kansas. There were many delicious old buildings that craved your photographic touch — and never a place for me to pull my RV off the road so I could take a picture for you.


    • I have an RV too and am in the process of getting it set up to tow our car as we head to Texas come the winter. I expect to find many old buildings down that way. That should be great fun, escaping the Colorado winter for a month or two.


      • I’ll be spending time in Texas this winter too. My kids and grandkids are scattered all over the state. I just passed through Colorado on my way to do the Blue Ridge Parkway before I head on dow there. My motorhome is small, and I don’t pull a car. Happy travels.


  2. I got lost wandering around in your beautiful photograph. It dances with light and magic. I rarely wake up thinking…gets me into too much trouble!


  3. Mike, I don’t know what to say, yet I feel as if I must. This touches me. Separately, your image and your words are good. Together, they pierce. They speak of terrible longing and wonderful memories.


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