September Pumpkin

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

Those of you who read my stuff know how much I love this dog. On Saturday we had a great off leash hike and Pumpkin took some rest on the cool grass. Not long after this photo she jumped into a lake three times. She was such a stinky mess and I had to lift all 85 lbs of her into a bath tub. Now she is beautiful again. Next time, leash on for that lake.

53 thoughts on “September Pumpkin

  1. Aww Mike – go ahead let her jump in the lake. Think of how good it is for her. It adds to her quality of life experience. Yeah sure – more work for you but isn’t she worth it? 🙂


  2. Those off leash hikes are the best but 85 lbs is a lot of stink. My crazy dog is around 50 or so lbs and that’s bad enough. I’m guessing she’ll get off that leash again soon though. She’s a beauty and looks very happy shining with the fall colors.


    • And muddy and maybe even some small critters too. She is getting groomed on Thursday…..its been too long. Then she will be smelling really nice and will be especially beautiful.
      Thank you Sheila.


  3. Her coat is gorgeous, Mike. I love the “lion’s mane” effect around her head. She had such a nice coat all over really. (I enlarged so I could see it) What a joy she is. And lovely too! (I always said I ain’t feedin’ no ugly dog!) 😉 Of course, all ole Ugly would have to do is smile at me. 🙂


  4. Pumpkie! She gets more beautiful with each shot. I would have jumped in that lake w/ her & we would have had such a splash 2gether. It makes me so happy that such a sweet beauty is in the care of such a beautiful human being… 🙂


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