32 thoughts on “Tree Stand

    • What fun Gunta. Pumpkin jumped in a lake today and came out too disgusting for words. I put her in a tub and gave her a nice warm bath. Now she is beautiful again. I think I’ll keep her away from lakes.


  1. I have often thanked my lucky stars that my Sissy doesn’t like to get wet. She’s been caught unawares a couple of times, but quickly learned to dodge any crashing waves. However, back at the car, she does get wiped down for all the sand she accumulates in her kinky curls.

    Today we learned to climb the grated stairs (normally I’ve given in to the pitiful looks and carried her up the bottom section that has the grated steps). She didn’t like it, but was rewarded handsomely for the effort. That made it a lot easier not having to juggle her and the camera… I haven’t quite figured out if the metal grates bother the paws or if she didn’t like seeing how far down the ground was.

    Continue having a fun weekend…. Sissy sends hugs to Pumpkin.


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