Fall Pumpkin

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

With each changing season Pumpkin requests a portrait, and although a bit early this fall, I knew it would make her happy. I wonder if she has any sense of how happy she makes me with her always cheerful, loving, and playful spirit. Every night when she is already asleep I lay next to her for a goodnight snuggle that lasts several minutes. I am deeply attached to her, and try to celebrate each moment. She will be eight on Halloween.

51 thoughts on “Fall Pumpkin

  1. Does Pumpkin talk to you when you snuggle as she sleeps? Snowy gives little groaning sighs. When I make the same noise back he repeats until he gets sick of the game. Then I know to be off to bed and leave the poor, patient beasty alone.


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