Junk Yard Art

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

I recently made my way over to the local junk yard which I thought might be an opportunity for a few good images. It is fair to say that I was stunned and stopped dead in my tracks by what I found. It is a very large yard (many acres) with cars dating back to the first years they started crashing and falling apart. And there are so many cars with holes in the driver’s window, which could not have been a good thing for the person driving it. This is but one of many images I will be posting as time goes by, and the winter takes me out less frequently.

51 thoughts on “Junk Yard Art

  1. The hole in the windscreen (what we call it here in the UK, I think you call it a windshield) looks to me like it was created by someone’s head. A sad reminder of the lives saved by air bag systems and seat belts.


    • It looks like a head to me as well. I have many others that look like bullets…..cars from the 40’s…..gangster images.
      James I really appreciate the comment.


  2. Junk yards are fascinating. Everybody likes an ample serving of rust and decline in their photos. It’s a change of pace that is interesting to everybody, I think. This is a cool one! 🙂
    The wooden bed appears to have fared better than the body!


    • This is really my first experience being in a junk yard. I never got into fixing cars, just breaking them. There is something really comfortable for me there, and all the employees seem really happy. Maybe they will let me be their junk yard dog, and as I get older I can just sit up against one of those cars at night, drinking beer and listening to Hank Williams.


      • I was just going to comment on your thoughts about the condition of the bed. You are right, it looks to be in good shape and notice too the tire is also recent. That would suggest that this was somebody’s restoration project before it became junked. Good eye George.


  3. I love the rust bleeding into the faded paint below. Nice man but I do not want to think about the hole in the windshield. Cannot wait for the more to come!


  4. This is a very cool shot Mike! There a lots of hidden treasures in junkyards. In Georgia is a place I would like to go called Old Car City. It’s so popular, they even charge a fee to come in and take photos!


  5. Its amazing what people throw out and what people just leave there, for instance how there can be only half of a car. It freaks me right the heck out, but when you get the scrap piled on the scrap, it creates some sort of appealing labyrinth of past marked steel, once living with their original owner.

    -David Enabulele


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