The Last Picture Show

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

Even though this image was captured in Northern Colorado, it has a feel similar to the great movie The Last Picture Show  which was made in 1971. Set in West Texas, it was about a group of high school seniors and interesting adults in a dusty dying town, and it won 2 Oscars. It is shot in B&W, and If you have never seen this movie, find it.

30 thoughts on “The Last Picture Show

  1. Classic film. A must see. Beautiful cinematography. But enough about the movie. You are right Mike, this definitely has that feel. I can imagine young kids running around the back of this building for a quickie. Great shot. 🙂


  2. Not being feisty here, just seem to be out of step with the crowd. Was totally unimpressed with the movie. I ordered it from Netflix maybe a year ago and barely managed to make it to the end. I suppose I’m just not into nostalgia so much. But certainly not knocking your choices for you…


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