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This is my best friend’s dog, Chance, who is a Golden Retriever with a touch of something else thrown in. He was rescued from a shelter when he was a year old and is now three, I think. He has a great deal of energy and is a bit skittish and would not let me touch his head when we first met. It took about two days for Chance to allow me a good snuggle but it was always brief and on his terms. He is extremely devoted to my friend Mark and would sit in one spot waiting for him when Mark would be off on a bike ride. This shot was taken on the beach on Lake Huron.

43 thoughts on “Chance

    • I stand still for pats on my head. Not skittish at all. Yes, Chance is absolutely still connected to whatever happened in his first year but he is a wonderful dog and I love him.


  1. Chance is a beautiful dog. Hurrah for Mark for saving him. Will you give both a hug from me?
    All cats that I had during the last thirty, I found at the pet shelter. With patience and love they will be your friend through thick and thin.


  2. Like Catherine, I thought “Irish Setter” when I saw him. The coat, color and configuration all resemble one. He’s a beautiful dog. Lots of dogs are head shy from having been smacked on the head when they and their eight siblings jumped up as puppies (or worse). It is easy to make a dog head shy without realizing it. My Dollie (who died) was head shy and nobody ever smacked her. Who knows. I’m impressed that he waits for his master to return especially a dog as young as Chance! Great relationship you describe here … like your sweet Pumpkin! 🙂
    BTW, a nice portrait of him too.


    • He waited 2 hours just sitting and looking in the direction Mark would come from. This is not a dog who otherwise will sit for very long and it all kind of blew me away. Yes, Irish Setter, with the personality to match. Thank you George.


  3. thanks for popping in and liking one of my posts Mike – and what an interesting blog you have here! My *boy* has been with us since he was 8 weeks old but the girl’s also rescued as she was returned to the dog home when she was 8 months old for allegedly biting her owner. She was lucky to have found us – and we can’t imagine life without her now. As it turned out she was just misunderstood and needed a relaxed household to grow and develop into a superb dog. What an amazing journey we’ve been on.
    Keep up the good work
    Greetings from N. Wales (UK)
    Mrs. B


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