35 thoughts on “Forest Floor

  1. I don’t know what it is about the woods that seems to awaken all our senses… I can almost smell the woods from here from your photo… Lovely.


      • Of course. Live for that stuff. Federer and joker. Serena although she will be pressed by azarenka who could beat Serena if she isn’t in top form. I also think Federer let Murray win the gold medal by backing off just enough. I know that sounds nuts, but i think Roger is classy enough to do that, knowing how much it meant to Andy who is well liked.


      • I had heard that story going around and it wouldn’t surprise me, but I wish Federer had been that generous and let Roddick win the Wimbledon final!
        I thought Fish had tonight’s match in the bag, but I think the crafty Simone is giving him fits. Love it all!!


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