Forest Floor

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

The woods in Michigan are deep with wonder and mystique. Look in any direction and there is beauty to behold. Or simply look down beneath your feet.


35 thoughts on “Forest Floor

  1. I don’t know what it is about the woods that seems to awaken all our senses… I can almost smell the woods from here from your photo… Lovely.


      • Of course. Live for that stuff. Federer and joker. Serena although she will be pressed by azarenka who could beat Serena if she isn’t in top form. I also think Federer let Murray win the gold medal by backing off just enough. I know that sounds nuts, but i think Roger is classy enough to do that, knowing how much it meant to Andy who is well liked.


      • I had heard that story going around and it wouldn’t surprise me, but I wish Federer had been that generous and let Roddick win the Wimbledon final!
        I thought Fish had tonight’s match in the bag, but I think the crafty Simone is giving him fits. Love it all!!


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