27 thoughts on “Very Old Home

  1. Sad to see old homesteads disappear. The farmhouses of my grandparents and great-grandparents are long gone. And they paved the paradise where I grew up and put up a two-car garage. Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!


  2. I checked the equipment yesterday of one of our customers. In the course of conversation the direction headed to the old house next door. It was boarded up and was being overcome by the pressures and indifference of time. Or so I thought. My customers wife had grown up there and told me of many wonderful tales of childhood bliss and the freedoms found there.
    As time pasted and the family moved on it began to decay but the stories, the personal history ,will always remain. A time capsule indeed.
    Thanks for sharing Mike!


  3. There is a similar school house just north of town here, that looks a lot like this boarded up home. I love the texures of the old wood, weathered from many years of exposure to the elements. Nice photo Mike!


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