51 thoughts on “Old Home

  1. There is a lot of rural poverty in Michigan. Looks like this house was inhabited in recent times, at least judging from the mini-blinds. . . .the thing on the roof is a vent–stuck on a chimney. . . a sad sort of fix of some kind. . .


  2. Excellent Photo Mike, Primo shot. What a grand old home. I follow a photographer on Flickr that photographs a lot of abandoned homes (mostly in the Detroit area).


  3. I got the feeling it was surveilance camera too. Have a feeling that’s been stuck up there in case of vandalism or to protect some property owner or some bank in case someone has an accident on the abandonded property.

    So many houses gone to rot… so many homeless people gone to rot for lack of homes… something doesn’t make sense.

    Thanks again for a great shot with lots of things to contemplate. This shot alone shall give me at least five or six haiku prompts for sure.


    • If we wanted to write poetry based on loss, misfortune, homelessness, hungry children, innocent victims, etc etc, it seems to me there is an endless and dark pool to draw from. Light creates shadow, capitalism creates victims, and having comes with the risk of losing. Always appreciate hearing from you.


  4. It does look like it was lived in not all that long ago despite the ivy taking over and the peeling paint. My take would be the old folks couldn’t keep the place up like they used to, then passed on and the kids are off in some city making a living. Not interested in restoring the place. Out here it’d be disappearing in the encroaching blackberry bushes.


  5. When I think of Michigan, I think of Detroit and how depressed it is. So many buildings falling into disuse and being abandoned, and all relatively recent. This house is poignant in that it still looks like it can be saved, but probably won’t be.


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