Cloudy Barn

The barns in Michigan are nothing short of extraordinary. Many of them are unpainted, and allowed to age naturally, although I am guessing the wood must be treated. © 2012 Michael Fiveson


21 thoughts on “Cloudy Barn

  1. I’ve always liked old barns… not sure why ’cause I’ve lived my whole life in big cities. There’s something about them. I think if I had my choice, my house would be a barn-house (if that’s a word…but you know what I mean), with a wrap around porch, in a nice wooded area on 2+ acres. Oh, and a nice lake or creek on the property so I could go fishing. Not a lot to ask, is it??
    Nice job on the black & white. Thanks for sharing!


      • Dude the totally are……Sorry flashback but they are casting a shadow that looked like a looping set of lines on a pulley. Extra nice. And you are welcome!


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