Newest Friend, Part Two

I returned to visit my curious little friend to find him moving slowly. There is another little burro there who came to me quickly while my friend approached more carefully.I gave the healthier burro with the dark face some sugar cubes but could not get my little friend to come close enough to take one and when I tossed one to him he showed no interest. He was not moving well and I wondered if the dark burro didn’t rule this roost..

When it came time for me to leave I told my little friend I would return soon with some apples or carrots and told him to be well. This odd little burro has a real cute face.

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

36 thoughts on “Newest Friend, Part Two

  1. Hi, Mike, The way he’s acting, it makes me feel that he must have been injured at some time… Careful not to get too emotionally invested… It’s the kind of thing that can tear your heart in two. Perhaps if you go back you’ll be able to talk to whoever is caring for him???? Perhaps if some of the mystery is resolved it will be easier to live with the realities surrounding your little fellow. Thanks for the update…. He is a very sympathetic soul.


    • Nah, while I care about him, I’m not THAT fragile. Certainly when Pumpkin’s time is up I will be a wreck but if the burro is is pain, I might wish for him a speedy exit.
      Thank you for the comment.


      • Hi, Mike, That’s good to know… I’ve seen so many people go to pieces over something like this… Looking at the realities is sometimes hard…. but we learn as we go sometimes necessary…


  2. This little guy seems to suggest a mystery… mostly just why he’s in the shape he’s in. Could be advanced age. Judging by the looks of his partner, it seems doubtful it’s mistreatment. Or all those lumps might suggest a medical problem. Mostly he just looks so very forlorn.


  3. You’re right, he has a kind face. I’m so glad he’s got a friend with him…maybe they’re related? Turnips and carrots are the best thing for them, btw. Hope he has a long, healthy, happy life! 🙂


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