Silo Slice

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

This slice of an old silo shows a mechanism that worked with pulleys in some fashion. One gets the impression that it was all made up as they went along.


21 thoughts on “Silo Slice

  1. Up here, there’s a barn rigged up with the pulley system that hoisted the hay to the top of he barn which is probably similar to the pulley system used in this silo. The last time I was able to go they had a demonstration and I can tell you, it was hot, hard work! It certainly was one of the things about that fair I remember watching these guys hoisting those bales up. I can’t even imagine doing that kind of work all summer and fall. How little we know of what it took to get us all to this place! Thanks for this shot, Mike.


    • When I was young and in college I used to help a farmer feed his cattle, twice a day. That involved lifting 80lb bales of hay and even when I was young it kicked my butt. And I suspect that you are right on the mark here and that is what that pulley system is used for.
      And you are always welcome.


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