Newest Friend

My newest friend was in a field with other animals and walked right over to me….

This may be a miniature version of whatever it is (Burro?) and I thought he was cute in an odd sort of way. A full view of his other side reveals this very curious sight….

I think he looks completely stitched together like a Frankenstein Burro and appears to be made of several different parts. There is that odd flap of skin on his neck and his head does not belong to that body. And then there is the very odd rump.

© 2012 Michael Fiveson



68 thoughts on “Newest Friend

  1. Genetics gone awry… just to think how close any of us are from some quark in the genetic code…. I hope she/he/it’s being cared for well. Hope you gave it a sugar cube or a bit of apple????


  2. Well, as friends go, I gotta say you know how to pick em! 🙂 This is the oddest creature I ever saw. He’s almost cute. He looks healthy. I think he is supposed to be a pony. Somebody bred with somebody he wasn’t supposed to hang with! I’m surprised that anybody feeds him since he is good for absolutely nothing. He definitely has a human friend somewhere!


    • So you don’t think its a straight up Burro but a cross bred something? hmmm. I really don’t know, and have never seen anything quite like it. I will not tell him you called him a good for nothing as it is my sense that he has low self esteem 🙂


  3. When did you take this photo? If it was in the spring, he is shedding his winter coat. I will say I think part of it is poor genetics. I’ve never seen a burro quite like that! What a photo find indeed!


      • You know, I met a guy who kept a goat as a pet – drove around with him in the car (I saw Molly in the back seat), lived in the house … I think you should adopt this fellow Mike. 🙂


      • I actually love goats. The burrow would be a hard sell in my residential neighborhood. He’d be fine outside in the summer, but come the winter I’m not bringing him in to watch movies. And he needs to be with other animals which he is presently.


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