52 thoughts on “August Pumpkin

  1. I go for walks with Molly the Doodle, who also loves being off leash and diving into the sand after, well, whatever. It took me 56 years to find out I like dogs. Go figure.

    P.S. I just love your banner. Fantastic photograph.


    • Maybe you just needed to be around the right dog. Pumpkin is far and away the best dog I ever had and our first Golden.
      Thanks for the comment on my banner. It is in my blog some months back as a full photo.


    • I actually did have a dog once that looked just like me. It was a Lhasa Apso with a white beard.
      Pumpkin will be 8 on Halloween. Hence the name. We were going to name her stupid day but thought it was too long.


  2. It’s easy to see why you love her so much. In my mind, there’s no other breed as loving as a Golden. When our beloved Jingles died, we were so sad that we had to leave our house for 10 days. I really enjoy your blog – so nice to “meet” you.


  3. Pumpkin must be the best known dog in the blogosphere. Today I recognised your blog through your dog. The photograph is a fine portrait of a very good looking lady.


    • Thank you Joseph. Pumpkin is indeed a fine looking lady and she appreciates all these gracious comments. Furthermore, she invites you over for her next hike.


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