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This beautiful barn is perhaps the nicest I have seen. It certainly must be used for something, and does not appear to be neglected in any way whatsoever. In fact, it almost looks to be decorative and was on some really nice property. I’d live in this barn, happily.

29 thoughts on “1913

  1. I prefer rustic also but this is still a nice barn. I’m glad the owner painted it instead of covering it with aluminum siding. Have a great weekend Mike. 🙂


    • Yo. That is a good word actually. NOTHING would make me happier than to be on some open land with a herd of goats. I would much rather hear goats than people.
      Thank you Alex. Fill your weekend with lifetime memories.


  2. Apparently my gmail didn’t like this post. It dumped you in with the Viagra ads. No idea what prompted me to go save your from the spam bin. Pretty barn. Seems to be lacking in horse poo or something similar.


    • I suppose if I had to be dumped in with an Ad, I might select that one. Actually that is real funny. Yeah, now I will get back to the business of less pretty barns. Found a good one just today.


      • We got lots of old barns out here….. as a matter of fact our library did a calendar of them for several years as a fund raiser. I don’t find too many of them out on the beach, though.


    • Agreed. For a place of business or hobby it would just be amazing. But I would live there too. Maybe someone does, although there was a house there. What a cool loft that would make.


  3. Would you not have loved living there as a kid? It would been have been way cool for starters. Secondly when a teacher, coach or future employer said” Close the door, were you born in a barn?” you could say “Why yes I was”!
    Whoever owns/owned this particular barn was serious about keeping their animals safe and sound: A fire hydrant at the front door. Nice. Great shot man and keep em coming!


  4. HA! Yes, I would have answered a teacher by making goat noises and then going home to curl up in the hay with the girl that sat next to me in home room. I wonder if that fire hydrant is real or just decorative. Thanks my Jagged brother bud.


    • Ok, you bring whatever toothpaste you prefer and don’t forget the socks. I think we should live there as friends first until we get to know one another. See you at 3 this Saturday.


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