Art Car

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

A lonely train car sits on a forgotten track in my home town. Apparently it is owned by Canada, so if any of my Canadian friends want it back, we can work something out, including my finders fee. Artists have found this car and have left their mark with some interesting and slightly bizarre images.

51 thoughts on “Art Car

  1. Sometimes it amazes me the effects they can get with a can of spray paint! It’s not usually very rewarding to dig too deep into the content, but I find graffiti to sometimes improve a site… and have a feeling that’s what motivates it in the first place… covering up all the dull in life!


  2. Some of that grafitti is so good, why don’t these people use that talent to make money instead of defiling private property… Being so close to Canada, I recognized the government logo right away as those cars pass through here frequently. That car is a long way from home!


  3. Wildstyle. That’s the lettering style. It is an art form and graffiti artists can discern one person’s style from another. The graffiti subculture is rather complex and extremely interesting. Sometimes I will sit by the tracks and watch the graffiti go by. I have a graffiti post started, but I haven’t finished it for some reason. I think I wanted more photos. But not until next month, because I’m not here this month. Shhhhh. You didn’t see me. Pretend this is a throw up on your wall (“throw up” is another lettering style…very simple, one you just throw up on a wall.)


    • LOL. Dezra, I don’t want to have to live without your wit and insight. Not to mention intelligence. The things you know! And that Dezra spin! I won’t tell a soul you were here, but you have to promise to come back.


      • I’m inventing myself, so it will be a surprise as to what I’ll come back as. (I’d say “RE-inventing” but I was never in-vented to begin with–mostly out-vented!)

        I rely heavily on the Internet for information (I’m an information junkie). But with graffiti, I also checked out library books and professional journals and sat at a railway station just to understand what graffiti is and why the artists do it. I even tried to do some wildstyle myself (on paper, not on walls), but I’m not patient enough. There’s a great documentary done about graffiti that I really enjoyed watching. It’s called “Style Wars.” In my next life, I’ll be a graffiti artist. You just wait.


      • And in that next life I’ll be the kid trying to rub elbows with you. When you get ‘invented’ do come back. What was wrong with who you were?


      • It was what everyone else wanted me to be. I’m really good at reading what people want to see me as and then being that person. Nothing wrong with it, just not me. Sort of.


  4. I grew up close to Lowell, Mass. There are many bridges there that are tagged as well. This reminds me of the beauty, the varied colors and designs I passed by as I drove to work…. thank you for sharing this.


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