Shadow and Lines

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

Now closed, this industrial silo complex impresses with a series of contrasting lines.


20 thoughts on “Shadow and Lines

  1. Oh I like this. It looks like a lot of steel and wood too, contrasting materials. And a lot of wood where steel should be, if you ask me. Going to be that high I don’t want my platform to be rickety! There’s also a one-liner in here about lines but I’ll be damned if I can think of it…


  2. Anything in B&W is good! I like these sorts of structures, imagine all the hard days work put in there by countless people over the years. If only the complex could talk…


  3. Great composition. I love the straight lines and angles, but am really intrigued by the concentric curves illusions created by the lines. It’s like the weird things that happen with stripes and plaids on television.


    • I swear to you that is exactly the comparison I was drawing in my mind and I am guessing that digital sensors behave in a similar fashion to whatever a tv image does to create that effect. Good call Carissa and good eye!


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