Moo Moo and Freckles

Β© 2012 Michael Fiveson

When I first approached these two they were resting on the soft fluffy grass. As I moved a bit closer Moo Moo bolted upright and moved away while Freckles just stood still staring at me, ready to defend her (his?) turf. I have never seen a cow (bull?) quite as wild looking as freckles. I think they are really lovely and I love Freckle’s face, with the tan colored nose.


73 thoughts on “Moo Moo and Freckles

  1. I like the names Mike. Mobius faith’s pun was probably on the money, I’m guessing these are steers, castrated bulls, who will inevitabley, one day, become hamburgers. I hope it’s not too soon. They’re obviously enjoying their pasture.


    • Freckles is astonishingly beautiful. If he lived with me I would kiss that face every morning, and try to throw carnival rings on those horns. Thanks Laurie.


  2. Yum…it’s what’s for dinner! (Only kidding….kinda, sorta, please don’t hate me.)

    Great shot Mike, nicely composed, and with a very fantastic, and very ‘Mike’, barn in the background.


    • Ok, I just did some research and there are breeds of cows that do have horns, although they are generally removed when they are small. I suspect these are males, but again, I am bovine challenged.


  3. Love MooMoo’s kinky tail. I’m pretty sure that’s a cow with horns and udders way in back behind another fence… (yes, some breeds of bovines have horns on the female variety.)


  4. I am really scared of cows! We live in the countryside, so it is not a good idea… Once I came cycling up a hill, there were a bunch of cows, not bulls, and one of them looked at me. She bent her head down and started kicking sand around with her front feet. I decided to act like a grown up, and tell her to stop it. Then another one started too… I can still feel the pain in my upper thigh muscles… and have never been back to that hill.
    However, cows on photos are ok, as long as I am not the one taking them! πŸ™‚


  5. What a motley crue these two are! I would love to have them roaming our place. I once had a friend who owned a longhorn named, Diablo. He was allowed to roam in the front yard and anywhere else he pleased. When company arrived he ALWAYS came running to the vehicle, seemingly stopping on a dime! People were afraid to get out of their cars. He always scared the hell out of me!


    • Freckles won it and in quick fashion. I would have liked to have moved closer but I had a vision of him coming after me and ripping through the fence and into my beautiful body. Thank you Sheila πŸ™‚


  6. They are longhorn bulls. OR steers. They are young too. They really aren’t old enough to be mean. Wanna’ test that out? πŸ™‚ They’re just curious. If Freckles had been serious, he’d have been pawing the ground and acting the fool. We have them at our business property. Freckles is pretty.


    • Freckles is a beauty. So is Moo Moo. Freckles deferred so I could act the fool. Funny, I was just looking at that picture. It is one of my all time favorites and looks almost 3-D.


      • You’re right; it does look 3D. I like the picture too. But then I love longhorns. These guys are very well fed! You know they’re good for absolutely nothing. They’re feed burners. But they are pretty.


      • Yeah I was wondering what they would be good for if they don’t have their goods. It was real nice property and I guess they are just big sweet pets. I want to kiss Freckles.


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